Why Incas 93?

- It’s the only structure with a single, thick element that constructs the wall of a building. The single element is the beam Incas93, accompanied with wood / cork / wood according to the same ancient methods

- It’s not a prefabricated but it’s an actual construction prepared in a factory and then is constructed on site

- The amount of wood and cork present within a Incas93 building is more than 8 times of other building systems

- Deformation of elements such as cork and wood over time does not exist

- The elements cork and wood even a thousand years from now will still be reused or recycled for natural purposes

What guarantees are there?

All materials and technologies used are subject to more stringent inspections by qualified entities.

A building with INCAS93 has the following guarantees:

Warranty of 30 years (20 years more than the 10 years required by law) civil liability
Policy RC PRODOTTI (download pdf) of ITALIAN INSURANCE(the only company to offer this extra insurance).

and is certified for the following:

Energy efficiency
Acoustic comfort
Plant (Decree 37/2008)
Earthquake reports
Fire resistance class 1 (the highest class)